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Medium Cherry Blossom Parasol - Red
Medium Cherry Blossom Parasol - Red
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Confucius says;
“Learn as though you would never be able to master it; Hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it”
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Auspicious Ornament for the Mouse 2014 £35.00
Auspicious Ornament for the Mouse 2014
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The Lion is known as the King of the Forest, being strong and powerful and is feared and revered by all. It has been regarded as an auspicious animal that is able to protect the family and home and ward off evil spirits since ancient times. You will be able to see its presence on the front doors of the palace, houses of royalty and officials and the rich. A lion stepping on the ingot and rolling a round ball will symbolize having great power throughout the whole world with the auspicious image of abundance of wealth rolling in.

For people born in the year of the Mouse, their presence in 2014 has offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese. Fortune is at a low down and there are complications at work. There is a tendency of unstoppable and continuous huge loss of money. It will be useful to display a pair of the dark red colored "Xiong Shi Gun Qiu" auspicious symbolic ornament at the West direction or location to suppress the bad forces and to gather wealth.

Dimensions: approx 6cm x 5cm x 5cm each

Weight: approx 1000g

Wen Tai Sun are the sole UK agent of Rocky Sung products.

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All our charms are handcrafted. 

Actual charms may look slightly different in color due to the natural variation of color in each type of stone 

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 03 January, 2014.
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