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Solar Swaying Cat - A1L1K
Solar Swaying Cat - A1L1K
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Confucius says;
“Learn as though you would never be able to master it; Hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it”
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Carp/ Fish


The Carp has been revered in Chinese Culture for many thousands of years now, with a host of meanings and stories. It is not uncommon to find major business men or people with high social standing owning a carp pond.

           Carp or Fish in Chinese culture represents abundance. The Chinese New Year Spring Couplet; 年年有鱼 translates lit. to year on year have fish. The Carp is commonly seen in pairs, symbolising love and devotion.

Carp Jumping the Dragon Gate;

           A proverbial Chinese idiom "Liyu (Carp) jumps over the Dragon Gate," reflects one who works hard to obtain his goals. This was commonly referred to students who pass the Ancient Chinese Civil Service test, thus leaping from the lower classes and raising his social status.

Love Story:

           A Chinese love story from the Han period tells of a man who was separated from his wife by a vast distance. The man sends a pair of carp back to his wife who when cut opened for cooking preparation finds a love not saying “Eat well to keep fit” and “Missing you and forget me not”.


           Carp/Gold Fish Pond are commonly owned by Big Business Men or Large Financial Institutions as they increase Wealth Chi for their owners.


           A pair of Carp displayed in the South West of your home can help with relationships as the fish represents the union of Ying and Yang.


           Carps are also useful to students or people who wish to work hard to achieve something, reflecting the carp jumping Dragon Gate Idiom. A symbol for water, it can be placed on the right hand side of your work table to stimulate fluidity and creativity.

           Three Gold Fish in a bowl symbolises San Xing and stimulates wealth and prosperity in your home. Alternatively pictures depicting 8 fish can also stimulate wealth Chi.