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Ceramic Yellow Cherry Tea Set
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Guan Gong

Guan Gong Statue 

Guan Gong also spelt Kuan Kong or Kuan Ti or Guan Yu is known as the God of War. People worship Guan Gong when they want to win a fight, when they want to have more power and status, when they want to have more money.  

Who was Guan Gong?  

Guan Yu (关羽) was a historical general who lived in China during the Three Kingdoms period, (三国) (CE 220-CE 280). Guan Gong was a real person who served in ancient China under the warlord Liu Bei. He is said to have been crucial in the great civil war. There are a lot of historical accounts written about him, although there are several versions.  

He is known for his great moral character of loyalty, brotherhood, righteousness, truth, bravery and great strength. Guan Gong was never afraid to die. Instead, he would even sacrifice himself to safeguard the life and safety of others, like in one story; his sister-in-law. He was a very noble and benevolent man. So great was his reputation of his good deeds and great character, he became deified and worshipped after his death. He became a very famous deity. This is similar to how Confucius has also been deified and worshipped in many temples.  

He was also known for his great selfless heroic feats. He was not tempted by fame or money but always did what was right.


Overcoming Competition and Hard Times 

Guan Gong is often seen carrying a halberd. Many believe that if the Guan Gong statue is placed in their house then they will have the support of Guan Gong and win whatever fight they are fighting, for example; a physical fight, or a lawsuit, gain more power, have more status and have more money. Guan Gong helps you to overcome competition. If you are going through a hard time, it is believed that Guan Gong can help you overcome this too.  

For this reason, Guan Gong is very often used by martial artists, politicians, businessmen and the police force.  

Guan Gong statues are also often placed in restaurants and other places of business directly facing the door. It is believed that by having Guan Gong there, he will protect your business from unwanted intruders (thieves) and protect you from any harm. It is also believed that by having Guan Gong, he will keep harmony in y our house and place of business.


Where to place  

If you want to use Guan Gong at work, then place him on a high up place (shelf) behind where you are sitting in your office so that you will always have powerful support from important people.  

If you want to use Guan Gong for business, then you can place him on a high up place, looking at the front door and guarding it. It is said that Guan Gong can protect your businesses in many situations like against robbery and thieves.


Where not to place 

Do not place the Guan Gong on the floor, in any toilets, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or dirty places. Do not place Guan Gong on top of a swinging door. Guan Gong needs to have a solid wall behind him so that he can do his job properly. He also needs to be treated respectfully and therefore also needs to be cleaned from dust and dirt if there is build up. Unlike Guan Yin, if Guan Gong is not treated respectfully, there could be bad luck and trouble.

Guan Gong for praying purposes

If Guan Gong is to be use for praying purposes and for meditation or Buddhist practices, the Guan Gong statue should have an open eye ritual performed by a Buddhist Master or a monk. Once open eyed, you may offer incense in front of the statue as an offering and to put one's hands together and say the prayer requesting for his help.

Guan Gong can then be placed inside a shrine or on top of a high shelf or tall table. Offerings of fruit, tea and incense should be placed on the shrine.

There are many temples dedicated to Guan Gong in SE Asia. Here are some photos of the large statues that grace those temples. You can have a smaller version of Guan Gong to bring into your house or business today.