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Ceramic Black Fortune Cat Tea Set
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San Xing

San Xing (Fu Lu Shou)


The San Xing, 三星or Fu Lu Shou (Fuk Luk Sau) can commonly be seen in Chinese households and Businesses.



Fu Xing


Representing Jupiter, an auspicious star in Chinese astrology, Fu is the god of happiness. In Taoism, Fu Xing is believed to be a Song Dynasty Governor Yang Cheng. He immortalised by the Chinese people because of his plea to the Emperor of the time to stop the suffering of the people.


The word Fu translates as happiness, but it has several connotations due to the nature of what “happiness” is! For some, it is seen as wealth and prosperity, others, abundance of luck or even a good family life. Fu Xing brings whatever you feel is happiness into your life!



He is usually dressed in an officials clothing, with the tail tale “winged” hat and sometimes with a Ruyi.





Lu Xing


Said to be Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper which is said to give blessings to intellectuals and civil servants. This is very important group of people in Chinese culture, as bureaucracy and social order through a highly regarded civil service is the corner stone to Chinese culture and society. Examinations into the civil service were seen as people’s way of advancement, where anyone in society may enter. Therefore, Lu Xing the patron of all meaning to go into the Civil service and social rank, is important in Chinese culture.


The word refers to the salary given to government officials and brings luck and advancement in the work place and your career. He also helps bring fame which is usually connected with advancement in your field.



He is usually depicted in the garbs of a scholar and holds a scroll.





Shou Xing 寿


Argo Navis or the South Pole star in Chinese astrology, Shou is the deity of Immortality. The legend goes that Shou was held in his mother’s womb for 10years before being born and was already an old man when he was born. His resemblance to Hollywood’s fictional character Benjamin Button ends here, as he also brings good heath.


Shou is often found carrying a Wulo with the elixir of life inside and/or the Peach of Immortality, which tree is said only bare fruit every 3000 years and which if eaten will make you immortal!












The San Xing is a very powerful tool in some Feng Shui schools as it has many usages. The deities should be used together to get maximum benefit and you would never see them in any household or business used individually! You can see this by the fact that with “happiness” is connected to “advancement” in turn is connected to “longevity”.



The San Xing should be put either in reception areas (of home or business) in living/dining rooms (to bless the family) or in the boss’ room (behind the seat to give support). It should stand at least 3 feet from the ground.



They should never be put in Bedrooms, Toilets or Kitchens.


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