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Small Red Resin Buddha on Toad
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Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks,

The Mandarin Ducks, or Love Ducks is an extensively used charm in Feng Shui to help romance and love! They symbolise devotion, affection, and enduring love. Ducks are always found in pairs as they mate for life and it is said that when one is separated from the other, the poor duck will keep longing for its partner.




The Mandarin Duck is a striking creature, with the drake fashioning a distinctive colourful plumage. In Feng Shui, they should be displayed in pairs, male and female.  Sometimes, the Mandarin Ducks appear kissing. An even more poignant sign of the love and romance the ducks bring.




As emphasised before, the Mandarin ducks help with Romance, Love and Relationships. They can help already married couples to enhance their love or get things back on track if there have been some troubles in the relationship. It can also be used for singles find their ideal partner and bring love and happiness into their lives.


The Ducks should be put on a clean surface and ideally in the bedroom. The Ducks should be put in the South West Corner of your room.


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Names: Mandarin Ducks, Love Ducks, Yin Yang Ducks.